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YER A WIZARD by AllyBebe YER A WIZARD by AllyBebe
Hi my name is Ally and I'm trying a thing called clubs again let's see how this works I'M A LITTLE RUSTY

Name: Dakota Chandra
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 5'10/135
Age: 19 05/13/2013
Wizard Parent: Laraine Chandra - A seventh generation born Wizard from the year 1947, she's the daughter of Albine, an impressive Wizard part of the Redstone family, who had striven for a daughter to follow in her footsteps. But, to her growing dismay, her daughter showed hardly any signs of wanting to pursue the path of magic and even refused pacts with most spirits. Soon she left her mother's iron grip and began traveling the world, which eventually led to her career in journalism and a husband in India. She mostly tries to ignore the ties to the Redstone family, but that doesn't stop certain visitors from coming time to time...

Spirit Information


[First Spirit]

Name: Enki
Element: Earth

Enki is a bit of an odd little thing, usually preferring to chirp and jump around in whimsical spurts then to actually communicate- it keeps Dakota and any other wizard in contact on their toes. The spirit seems to be the embodiment of rolling around in soft grassy hills on carefree mornings. She's quite attached to her Wizard and will often be seen trailing her, just as the day they first met.

Spell 1

Dakota is able to summon an assortment of tree roots from the ground and into the field. It's purpose is to trap and hinder foes from moving or harming anyone Dakota wishes.

Level 1 - Right now Dakota can only summon a cluster of roots about the size of her own body, which can only travel a few feet from her personal space bubble before the magical plant starts to shrivel. Using it too much will result in her body growing weak, and depending on how much overdoing, make her pass out. At this time she can do it up to 5 times a day before it becomes too much for her body to handle.
Level 2 - Dakota can now grow the plant up to three times it's initial size, and its' distance can span up to a 15ft radius from her position. A side effect keeps her winded and prone to getting weak if used long enough. Damaging enough of the plant seems to also have a negative effect on her health. Her endurance for using this spell has doubled (around 10 times a day).
Level 3 - The quantity of roots she can produce is equivalent to that of a large oak tree and can span up to a 30ft radius from her position- a good portion of the field. By now it takes far more time before the weak feeling hits her, and now in a more slow, gradual effect. Over killing the use of her power still makes her prone to passing out and having the roots slowly die out. At maximum she can do it 15 times a day before her body starts to wear down.

Personal Information

Dakota's a calm and polite young woman who sometimes has her head in the clouds and her heart in the right place, even if she does so in an awkward and somewhat embarrassing way. Despite this, she's known for brushing off her negative situations with a laugh. Although if you cross her once you bet she'll never forget... they say it's always the calm ones that hold a grudge. Curiosity is one of her biggest traits and can easily be seen as she enters Dulce and the magical world for the first time. Masters and teachers, be sure to expect a volley of questions- The teacher's pet is on her way.

Due to her mother's negligence of her wizarding parentage, Dakota has little to no knowledge of the spirits and magic around her, except for a few short encounters that she waved off as an overactive imagination. She was born in India and traveled frequently between her homeland and America, where her family had their second home. Life went by normally for her until she started seeing something from the corner of her eye. At first it wasn't much to worry about, just a weird glimpse here and there, but as time went on it started to fester in the back of her mind until she finally decided to whip around and chase the strange being. This happened a few times and ended in false alarms. That is, until one day, Dakota caught up to the spirit. Enki greeted her with a small prance: 'You got me, tee-hee, you caught up! I've been waiting! Squee!'

Of course this turn of events... confused Dakota. Yet, also excited her. What was this thing? Where did it come from? How did it get so cute? When she got home she sought out her parents. Expecting just as much confusion from them, she was surprised when her questions where met with sighs and uneasy glances among the spouses. They ended up telling her the truth, even if the mother was against Dakota learning anything and rejoining back into the Redstone family, she still couldn't make herself choose her daughter's path as her own mother tried in the past.

After a few nights of discussing the recent happenings, the school Dulcedomum was mentioned. Dakota instantly showed interest and jumped at the chance.

Misc Info:
- More often then not mistaken for a boy.
- Which actually doesn't bother her in the least, and it happens so often that she's just stopped correcting people.
- May or may not have a small schoolgirl crush on a certain hot teacher coughGrahamcough.
- Probably one of the only people who likes Blaise's fashion sense.
- Secretly an item hoarder.

Roleplay Paragraph Sample:
So, this was her new room, huh?

The newly found wizard looked around and studied the area, from the warm brown walls to the unoccupied bed atop of a loft above her. It was quite the neat setup in her opinion. Sure, it was plain, but hey!- that's to save room to add in her own personal touch and make it her own. Dakota was about to voice her approval, but stopped mid sentence when she noticed her audience was missing. Enki, the little bugger, where she skip off to? "Enki? Uhh...Enki? C'mon, now where did you go..."

No answer. Gosh, what a way to start her first day. She called out her spirit's name a few more times, but not as too loud to possibly bother someone- she didn't want to get enemies anytime soon. Her footsteps took her through the housing stairs and up to the opening of a huge wooden door that lead back to the Heartwood. That place still has her looking around in awe at the surreal surroundings. So much in fact that she almost forgot why she wandered in here in the first pla- Oof! Suddenly a familiar spirit had tackled her out of no where."Squee quee!!"

"Wha-? Geeze Enki, where did you go?" Dakota said as she knelt down and ruffled the spirit's leaves with a pout. "You shouldn't run off too much..."

"Squeeee que? But we have so much to look at! Queee! So so much to see! See the whole place!"

"I-I know...but..."

"Gotta go! Gotta go fast!! Now now now!"

"Huh? Hey- hey wait!!"

She watched as Enki bolted away again and groaned as she started to jog after her target. Something tells her that having Enki as her spirit will make this a very...interesting experience. And something also tells her that soon enough she'll have the best calves in school.

:bulletgreen:Bunch of Carrots
:bulletgreen:Cat's Eye
:bulletgreen:Chili Powder
:bulletgreen:Artificial sweetener
:bulletgreen:Witch Hazel
:bulletred:Bone of a Mountain
:bulletred:Spirit Tokenx3 
:house:Matryoshka Doll
:house:Framed Portraits of the Masters
:house:Heartthrob Picture
:house:Love Lamp
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